About Us

Everyone needs a hand sometimes.

That single line underpins the Synergy Credit philosophy and explains why we do what we do. Behind the slick website, edgy graphics and modern office, we are simply your friendly Clementi licensed money lender.

Our close-knit team is made up of qualified financial professionals. More than that, though, we are kind and understanding individuals who empathise with you and your situation. We come to the table with an open mind and a willingness to adjust our terms to give you what you need.

Synergy Credit may not be the largest licensed moneylender in Clementi nor the oldest. What we lack in size, we make up in enthusiasm and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Our ethos is based on the three pillars of honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. The aim is to be more than just a financial service provider; our ultimate objective is to help you move in the right financial direction and lay the foundations of your future – and continuing – success.

Talk to us today and discover the Synergy Credit difference.

Our Journey

We created Synergy Credit in response to the financial unfairness we had seen in Clementi and all over Singapore.

Low-income earners, newly-employed workers, freelancers (on Grab, Gojek, etc.), and those who lacked stable employment were shut out of the loan market. It was the same for other Singaporeans who had declared bankruptcy or faced litigation. Despite their best efforts today, the weight of their past was holding them back.

To us, that was unacceptable. We decided to become the go-to licensed money lenders for anyone who had been rejected by the big banks.

Our first office in Bukit Timah was a cramped space barely big enough for our two loan officers. Little by little, however, our open-minded approach to granting loans and the generous terms we offered attracted more clients just like you.

As we grew, so did our approach to giving each client the best service possible. 

The two-person team has doubled in size and our new expanded premises in Clementi are designed to give clients a better loan experience. We employ integrated FinTech solutions to process every loan, and we use MyInfo’s unified login to accelerate the approval process. In short, you get money from us faster than ever before. 

The next step in our journey will see us extend our services further into the north and east. We are grateful to you for the support that has brought us this far and hope you will join us on the journey yet to come.