Types of loan for you!

Monthly Loan
  • Borrow up to 6x of your salary
  • Fixed and low interest rates
  • 1 payment per month
  • Choose interest payment only
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3 Months Installment
  • Borrow up to 6x of your salary
  • Fixed monthly repayment
  • Payment over 3 months
  • Reduced interest rate
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Debt Consolidation Plan
  • Affordable interest rate
  • Only 1 repayment date
  • Instalment repayment
  • Reduced interest rate
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Hi, we’re Synergy Credit, your friendly and trusted Licensed Moneylender. Whether you want funds to renovate your dream home or a fast injection of cash to help you pay off an unexpected expense, let us take care of that.

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You're only twenty minutes away from your cash help. We package and offer loan to ensure that you're 100% happy.

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All our loan is subject to the Moneylenders Act and its Rules. Feel free to ask our friendly advisor for advice.

Plan your loan

We structure the best loan for our client, which means you can tell us your future cashflow and commitment, we will structure the loan according to it. It's up to you!

Repayment flexibility for your loan

Paying off your loan is easy with us
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About Us

There are many reasons why you should use our services, but the main one comes from the fact that we are legal moneylenders and we offer you a wide range of loans, such as payday loans and business loans, all of that with a low interest and flexible rate as well.

Regardless of the Singapore moneylenders you want to work for, you want a trustworthy partner that cares about you and our business is perfect for that. We always do everything all so that you can obtain the best results and solutions, all while allowing you to save money, not to mention that you will obtain the loan immediately!

As the #1 licensed moneylender in Singapore we always do whatever it takes in order for you to get the best loan and the best rate, no matter if you want personal loan in Singapore or a business loan. We are, in fact, delivering the ultimate way for a client to obtain a personal loan in Singapore and we deliver safety, precision, attention to detail and a very high quality in a powerful package.

With us, you can obtain then lowest interest rate loan as well as professional services and a flexible repayment if you want to. All of these are designed in order to deliver an extraordinary value and in the end, they can help you generate a great ROI. Not only that, but we also value your privacy and because of that we always try to deliver the best possible experiences on the market!

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