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Medical Loan

Medical loans for any medical emergency

It is easy to take things for granted when we are enjoying the pink of health but in reality, medical emergencies can occur at anytime to anyone. When a medical emergency arises, your mental and emotional wellbeing will most likely suffer, not to mention your finances as well if you do not have sufficient savings or insurance plans.

Healthcare in Singapore is not cheap and medical bills can easily cripple a family’s finances over time. It can also affect your ability to work be it short or long-term. Even if you have health insurance, Medisave and MediShield Life, these might still be insufficient for huge medical expenses especially for rare or complicated conditions that may not be covered.

If you are in need of a safe and reliable medical loan, Bukit Timah Licensed Moneylender is here to help.

What is a medical loan?

A medical loan is specifically designed to help individuals fund medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance, Medisave, MediShield Life or other financial plans. Such examples include emergency or optional surgical procedures, out of network charges, medical debt consolidation, and other medical costs that fall beyond your insurance coverage.

A medical loan can come in handy if you need immediate access to funds for your treatment without much restriction. Insurance, for instance, comes with withdrawal limits for different claims under health, accident, hospital and critical illness. In times of emergency, we might not have the luxury of time to wait for our insurance agent to check our coverage details and reiterate the claim process, which we can all agree is quite a tedious process that takes up way too much time.

If you do not have sufficient savings to pay off your medical bills upfront, a medical loan can also come in handy.

What can a medical loan be used for?

One of the advantages of a medical loan is its flexibility to fund a wide array of medical costs besides common medical emergencies, such as plastic surgery, skin cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, optical procedures like LASIK, fertility treatments and so on.

Not only do we provide loans for your initial medical costs, we also offer loans for post-medical fees. Additional fees from follow-up check-ups, further complications during surgery, medication, consultation fees and whatnot may arise and may not be covered by your insurance. This is where a medical loan can help you as well.

You can also use a medical loan to help your family or dependents pay for their medical bills. Be it a one-time medical bill for a minor surgery or recurring monthly bills for dialysis and treatments, a medical loan can help tide you through these tough times while you focus on getting the best medical care for your loved ones.

At Bukit Timah Licensed Moneylender, we believe that health is our greatest asset, which is why we are so committed to cater to your needs by offering flexible medical loans no matter your situation. Our medical loans are unsecured, which means you need not provide any property or assets as collateral. We also offer competitive interest rates from as low as 2.27% per month and you can also stretch your repayment terms up to 12 months.

No matter your medical emergency, let Bukit Timah Licensed Moneylender offer you a quick and simple loan solution to take the stress off your medical concerns. Click here to apply for a medical loan and focus on getting the treatment you need. You can also contact our loan officers to find out more about our medical loan packages and rates.