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Why a Clementi Licensed Money Lender chose this location

Bird's eye view of residential area of Clementi, Singapore with multistorey apartments, walkways and gardens

Clementi is one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods but continues to see rapid development even today. With an eclectic mix of natural and urban attractions, it is one of the few places in Singapore with something for everyone. That is why Synergy Credit, a Clementi licensed money lender moved here in February 2021.

Clementi at a Glance

While much of Singapore is hyper-urbanised, Clementi retains a disproportionately large area of greenery and open space. There is something for everyone to see and experience here.

Natural Attractions

Nature lovers will love the two major parks in Clementi.

Kent Ridge Park – The location of one of the last battles for Singapore in World War II, this forested national park is now a family and fitness enthusiast favourite. Its war museum will entertain fans of history while there are over 20 fitness stations for the health buffs. The calls of doves, white-crested laughing thrush and sunbirds fill the air while squirrels and lizards scramble about the trees.

HortPark – A stone’s throw away from Kent Ridge, this green reserve is a gardener’s dream come true. The horticulture park runs workshops for green thumbs and features a massive display of local and imported blooms. Specific kid-focused areas and activities are great for getting your child interested in nature. The Butterfly Garden is a perennial favourite.

History and Culture

For fans of history and folklore, Clementi offers three wonderful escapades.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum – Explore evolution and biodiversity across 15 discrete planetary zones with over 2,000 natural history specimens here. Kids and adults alike will be mesmerised by the three gargantuan diplodocus skeletons. You will also see the salvaged body of a 10.6-metre sperm whale, the first ever recorded in Singapore waters.

Haw Par Villa – Older Singaporeans will remember this quintessential Chinese folklore theme park as the Tiger Balm Garden. The park was built in 1937 and is one of the few places in Singapore from the pre-war era that largely retains its original design. Attractions include theme park-style rides and live animal displays.

Old Railroad Tracks – There is a haunting beauty about disused railway tracks and that makes the old Jurong Line tracks immensely popular among many Singaporeans. Winding through forest and over mini bridges, this relic of Old Singapore continues to attract visitors to the Green Belt.

For Adventure Lovers

Clementi has something for the more adventurous, too.

Adrenaline Laser Tag – If you are a fan of online first person shooters, take your skills into the real world with a stint at one of their simulated battlegrounds. Their ‘Urban Tactical’ layout on West Coast Road will train your mind and body all at once. They offer several other indoor and outdoor arenas as well.

Lighthouse Climbing – Staying with the physical adventure theme, test out your climbing prowess if you aren’t afraid of heights. Lighthouse is an indoor rock climbing and bouldering gym that offers a wide range of vertical obstacles meant for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers. The female-owned and –operated business is located on Pasir Panjang Road.

Licensed Money Lender in Clementi

In February 2021, Synergy Credit opened its offices at Clementi Central, a short 5-minute walk from Clementi MRT. This easily accessible location makes it convenient for local residents and other Singaporeans to get the financial assistance they need. 

It also makes good business sense for an entrepreneur to have a wide client base. Any Clementi money lender automatically benefits from the large population that live in the area’s 7 neighbourhoods. There are established businesses in the area as well as new ones that open every day. 

Several high schools dot the region and the National University of Singapore (NUS) is a short distance away.

Synergy Credit considered all these factors when deciding on its loan portfolio. Currently, they offer specialised loans for:

Residents can qualify for the loan of their choice if they meet simple criteria which are set in accordance with government guidelines.

If you are looking for a reliable licensed money lender, Clementi is the place to go. Why not make it a day out? Visit Synergy Credit for your financial needs and spend the rest of the day exploring the beauty and thrills of this exciting region of Singapore.

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